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  1. Nume:MallPall Grad:Manager Prezent da/nu:Cred ca da,nu promit nimic.
  2. Nick: ПРАВОСЛАВАЦ IP: SteamID:- Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/TZ83gL0
  3. nick:Disaster IP: SteamID:- Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/UkoLm3A
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  6. Nick:denislgr IP: SteamID:- Motiv:no.ss Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/O9GVsRt
  7. Nick:Eastbuul IP: SteamID:- Motiv:no.ss-WH Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/4c0BlWD
  8. Nick:SH01# IP: SteamID:- Motiv:no.ss-WH Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/UzSmxfP
  9. Nick:Adolf_hitler IP: SteamID:- Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/xSYDc1D
  10. Nick:Yow IP: SteamID:STEAM_0:1:2196617 Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/vUZGFkm
  11. Nick:guard IP: SteamId:- Motiv:no.ss Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/a4OcppI
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